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Nick Vannerom of Dog Runner about different breeds in IGP and Sport Conditioning



15 x World Championship Competitor
7 x National Champion IGP
5 x  National Vice Champion IGP
Trainer, Handler, Decoy and Coach
Seminar Worldwide
DogRunner Treadmills
Involved in IGP for 30 years

I met Nick a little less than 2 years ago, during his first visit to NY.  Super soft spoken, and calm, working dog after dog, and taking a long time to quietly speak to each handler.  Then protection started, and Nick, still focused and composed with the handlers, connected with the dogs on a different level.  It seemed when he worked them, they literally got on the same frequency, and spoke one language…The whole demeanor of that weekend was all about the dogs, not always the immediate results, but always dogs’ well-being in mind, and the joy of having a relationship and spending time together training.  Since then, we talked a lot about the working dogs attributes, the maintenance and “off switch”, drives,...

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