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All The Tools To Unleash Your Dog's Potential 

All dogs can benefit from canine fitness. A couch potato, a senior dog, a puppy, a competition dog, really any type of dog! Canine fitness is fun for dogs, and it can help increase your dogs confidence, improve their mobility, help with hyper activity and anxiety, and promote their physical and mental well-being from puppyhood well into the senior years!

Our canine fitness center is equipped with dog treadmills, strength and balance building equipment and are working on adding a pool!  We work with dogs of all ages and all breeds and can help you design a fitness program to fit into your lifestyle. 

Watch puppy Bravo having fun with an IGP warm-up


Olga has been researching and learning canine genetics, breed health issues, puppy imprinting and upbringing, training techniques, raw nutrition, maintenance and conditioning for 25+ years. 

She believes a true winner is a dog who is genetically strong and sound, and who is fulfilled on the deepest levels both mentally and physically.

Olga started in Schutzhund in 1995 and has been competing in dog sports for over 20 years. Over the years she dabbled in Obedience, Conformation, Agility and Schutzhund with a firm belief that stability, structure and drive are all equally important for our highly intelligent, super intuitive, active and athletic dogs. Of all sports, IGP/Schutzhund became her true passion, and she loves all 3 phases of the sport!

IGP is a contact sport and our dogs are athletes throwing themselves on the field without hesitation, being prone to injuries.  Most veterinarians or canine physical therapists lack experience of working with sports dogs. Often when they hear IGP/Schutzhund they are afraid to even touch the dog without a muzzle. So many handlers don't practice safety and injury prevention and try to condition their dogs either intuitively or by trial and error simply because they don't know or think about it until it is too late.  

Lots of injuries can be prevented with proper conditioning, warm up and cooling down. Olga has committed to raising awareness and bringing more information into our IGP community on safety and injury prevention since 2019, when she became a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist, currently the only program available with focus on the working dogs and protection dog sports.

Olga is passionate in helping handlers raise their high drive IGP puppies to become balanced healthy dogs and well rounded best  friends. Our sport is demanding and it requires a well rounded balanced strong stable athletic driven dog. To succeed, best training has to be supplemented with overall well being, both physical and mental, and the right emotions of the dog and a good handler-dog relationship.  It is a breathtaking picture when all of it comes together and shines!

The IGP specific conditioning program gives you an extra edge, that little something extra that makes a difference in competition!  To build it, you have to KNOW THE SPORT!!!

Olga broke down all the fitness elements and applied them to specific IGP exercises. She created the only online IGP Specific fitness course in the world. She can help you and your dog in person, online or both to develop your own individual program and give you the skills to fine tune it for your dogs competition needs and progress so they can shine brighter, be faster, stronger, look more intense and explosive on the field!

Together with a good friend Kandis Hall,CCFT,FP-MT, we developed an online course for puppies and beginners. It's super easy for you to follow at home to build foundations and to have fun, no matter what age and your shape your best friend is! 

IGP Athlete Program

Give your IGP partner that extra edge with more power, precision and fun attitude

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Fitness Foundations 

All dogs, all ages, starting with puppies and beginners! Fun way to add fitness, focus and awareness into your daily games with your best friend!

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Personal Coaching

Develop a specific program for your dog to reach help you reach the goals, no matter how big or small. Work with Olga in person or online

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