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Meet Olga!

You have the advantage of working with a trainer who competes with her own dog raised from a puppy to the highest level in one of the hardest dog sports, called IGP(formerly Schutzhund). 

Olga Baram knows about aggression, natural drives and impulse control. The difference between a competitor and  a trainer of pet dogs is the connection and depth of a relationship between the trainer and the dog without food, toys or leashes... In trials, the true connection, motivation and training skills are the only tools when the dog is competing off leash in obedience and protection utilizing his power and natural drives and instincts while demonstrating complete control and concentration in his work and on his handler, all with happy and cheerful emotions and attitude.

Often your dog's distractive behavior, leash reactivity or aggression are the product of misunderstanding and lack of impulse control and inability to constructively channel their natural instincts.  

Working dogs have strong instincts, tons of energy and are high strong.  It takes skill and knowledge to work with them and to channel them for most amazing results.  Most local trainers are only using the reward based training, or a suppression training,  which are only some of the many training tools Olga has added to her arsenal for each dog over the years.


My  Story 

I was born in Minsk, Belarus. When I was 5, my mom took me to a utility dog show trial and I immediately got hooked. I started dreaming of getting my own collie puppy to train to compete in the OKD/ZKS trials, which were some scent discrimination, obedience and protection.  We lived in a small apartment and for 5 years I tortured my parents to get me a dog while I was saving money and reading everything I could get my hands on about dogs and dog training. They finally gave in, and got me a small poodle mix(back then it wasn't called a Doodle 😊), for my 10th birthday. It wasn't a Lassie I wanted, but it was my very own real living breathing puppy!!!!! And so it all began...

In 30+ years, I have raised, owned and trained my poodle mix (no titles, she wasn't allowed to participate in working dog trials😂), a Rough Collie (he came 10 years later to my studio apartment in Brooklyn, NY😊), and  5 Belgian Sheepdogs, and we have earned multiple obedience, agility and tracking titles in the past, and finally now my most amazing Malinois as well as lots and lots of other people's dogs.

Over the decades, my obsession with dogs made me sponge everything dog related I could come across.  AKC Conformation, Competitive Obedience and Agility along with genetics, breed health issues, puppy imprinting and raising, proper nutrition, raw diets, form and structure, wellness and physical conditioning.

My true passion is IGP. I am now competing on the World level with my Belgian Malinois D&C's Bravo, IGP3, FH, CGC who I raised from 7 weeks old. Bravo is my man and my shadow in everyday life, and all the travel we do together as well as training and competitions. Besides being a talented worker and a fierce competitor, he is also a great breed ambassador who hasn't met a stranger and loves everyone and everything life brings😊.

I discovered IGP (back then Schutzhund) in 1995 with my Collie in Brooklyn and joined a Schutzhund club. It is a highly demanding complex and competitive working dog sport involving 3 disciplines at once - Tracking, Obedience and Protection.  All being judged on the relationship of the handler and the dog team. It requires  precise performance on the dog's part in high state of arousal while being in total control of the handler.  This sport brings out the best in the dogs and challenges the handlers to always evolve as trainers. It is addictive and often becomes a way of life !!!

I love learning and bettering my skills.  I attend tons of seminars and training workshops. Bravo and I travel the country to compete and train with top trainers in the World!

Top Sport Dogs, Champions, Canine Athletes, or Couch Potatoes, I believe all dogs strive on being part of the family. We share our home with 3 dogs who go everywhere with us, beach strolls, walks through town, shopping, outside dinners, RVing, and flying with Bravo.  You can do all this with your dog too! With some obedience training manners, our best friends can participate in all aspects of real life and I truly enjoy helping my clients turn their unruly dogs into best companions.  Sport dogs or not, all dogs want to be a part of the family!

I always emphasized structure and movement, proper weight and best nutrition, yet it wasn't till Bravo that I became serious about injury prevention and sport specific conditioning. I've seen too many dogs get hurt in the sport, and I already knew that best cure is prevention. I earned a CCAS, Canine Athlete Specialist Certification from the only program to this day focused specifically on the needs of working dogs and became an expert on canine fitness. I know how to successfully combine the physical mental and emotional wellness from fitness and nutrition with my training programs. This helps take training to another level enhancing motivation and confidence, helping the dogs learn how to relax and overcome fears while engaging their bodies and minds and learning to avoid injuries when running and playing.

And then there is DogSports4u store which is a labor of love to hand select, design, develop and test high quality dog training equipment and dog trainer's gear and clothes to ensure you will have the best training tools available...

DogSports4u team is hand selected with even more quest for excellence than our equipment.  If you have the same believes and standards of creating better lives for dogs and their people, we are hiring!

We have recently relocated from NY to Venice, FL to a 4 acre property securely set up exclusively for dogs!  When staying with us, your dog will be in a spacious private air conditioned indoor run and will be getting lots of exercise in our spacious fenced dog yards with exercise equipment and a pool coming soon!

- Certified Canine Athlete Specialist

- President of Allgemeiner Working Dog Club

- Secretary and Executive Board member of American Working Malinois Associaton

- Member of Belgian Sheepdog Club of America

- Member of DVG 



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D&C’s Bravo IGP 3...98-86-95 today HIT alternate breed at the USRC IGP 2019 Nationals!

This dog!!! ❤️❤️❤️We went in just under a year through a BH, IGP 1, IGP2 and IGP3!!! And he is only 2 years old!!! Proudly walking in his dad Scooter’s footsteps🤩.  

What a ride and what a journey!!!💥💥 We are still on high cloud with so many friends and acquaintances from all over the world congratulating us on our great results and my hard work.  So many are asking how we did it.

IGP Warm-up for beginner dogs

Do you know what minimizes the risk of injuries and improves your dog's performance on the field?  Just like the human athletes, they need a proper warm-up.  It increases their heart rate and warms up the muscles. And, when it's sport specific, it actually warms up "the right muscles" ,

those same ones that will be used most during your training session or the trial routine!  

Way too often, I watch handlers hang on the sidelines, wait for their turn, go to the car to get the dog ready and... 

Babying your Dog VS Using the Leader of the pack approach

“My dog doesn’t listen to me, because I’m too soft with him”.
“My vet told me that a Malinois needs a firm hand”.
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