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How to make high drive dogs performance safer during the hot months

 By Olga Baram, CCAS- DogSports4u

Like it or not,  the summer is now approaching.  While most folks look forward to it, we, "the dog people", will soon start complaining about it being too hot.  And we have a right to - not only our dogs can slow down in the heat, but the dangers are also real. Dogs overheating can lead to a stroke, permanent damage and even death.

A lot has been written on dangers of overheating and dehydration.  And in a couple of weeks, Facebook will be flooded again with posts and messages about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot vehicles and the signs of a heat stroke.  I feel strongly about injury prevention and safety for our dogs, so I will briefly list the basics here as well.  Yet the focus of this article is mostly on how to achieve best performance the hot months and keep our dogs as comfortable as possible and safe.

Let's assume we all know not to leave our dogs in the cars in the sun with the windows rolled...

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