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Top notch learning is a few clicks away 

1. No stress or distractions from outside sources until you and your dog are better prepared.

2. Private one-on-one sessions to focus on you and your dog will help us pay attention to every detail, discover all the pain points, and create a game plan best suited for your team.

3. Save travel costs and travel time

4. Train on your own time and go at your own pace

5. Flexibility with video conferencing/phone calls to accommodate scheduling

6. The ability to pause, rewind and watch in slow motion and analyze your training session for complete understanding

7. Weekly trouble shooting and accomplishment reports will help you stay on track and schedule

8. Life skills of developing self-accountability in training and better time management for training and fitness

9. Custom program based on defining and setting your personal goals

10. Selection of training tools and  methods to achieve your goals

11. Useful videos, charts or articles right at our fingertips when needed

12. Download of the video conferencing sessions for you to keep for reference so you can always go back to it in case you missed or forgot something during the lesson

13. Video review with follow up email support.

14. A customize package to reach your specific IGP goals to bring you to the next level!

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Benefits of working with Olga

Our IGP dogs today are expected to be strong athletes who execute complex exercises, switching drives and their mental states in seconds, while displaying free and open emotions. In order to reach peak performance, your dog needs both sport specific training and a high level of physical fitness.  

Most veterinarians and canine physical therapists lack experience working with sport and working dogs. Often when they hear IGP/Schutzhund, they are afraid to even touch your dog without a muzzle!

The majority of trainers, even at the very highest levels, condition their dogs either intuitively or by trial and error.

To help you reach your goals, I created a comprehensive well-rounded 
coaching program. The IGP Athlete Wellness Program is the only program of its kind that is focused specifically on the needs of the IGP dogs.

  • This online program is not a replacement of your training at the club or with your trainer, it is a supplement to it,  designed to synchronize your dog's current exercise into a safe and balanced conditioning program.

To develop a proper sport specific conditioning program, one needs to KNOW THE SPORT!

  • Olga is a passionate IGP trainer and competitor herself. She is also a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist (CCAS), which today is the only fitness program with focus on working dogs.
  • Olga will help you stimulate, build and fulfill your partner's strong mind, body and spirit. You will get a healthier and happier dog for years to come. This will let you keep your sanity and give you confidence about his well- being and safety, so you can really enjoy each other and your training.  This will shine through in your team performance and your relationship!

Your initial call is a free 30-minute session where we'll uncover your pain points and training needs. It's important to work with someone we know, like and trust, so this call is also a way for both of us to see if we connect. If we're on the same page, it's go time!

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Fitness Foundations  

This is THE course for those puppies and beginner dogs who just want to have fun with their owner while building the bond and foundations for staying fit, pre-occupied and healthy, or are serious about their future IGP, or competitive obedience career!  You can easily start at home and don't need much space - the fitness equipment fits into any living room and can get neatly put away...

The exercises are designed to make learning easy and fast for both you and your puppy.  The lessons are short and simple to follow! 

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Get your dog in top shape for the trial season!!!

IGP - Sport Specific Conditioning

Gain the extra edge for your IGP performance by adding more speed, strength, explosive power and endurance to the Blind Searches, Escapes and Long Bite entries, Drives, Recalls, Retrieves, Jumps and Send aways. Understand your dog's structural strengths and weaknesses and develop a balanced conditioning program. Learn about safety and injury prevention.

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