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The Belgian Malinois are smart, athletic, protective, strong, and are always looking for work.  They are not for everyone, but with the right approach to exercise, maintenance and proper training, they become the best dogs one can have! They are capable of anything and willing to do absolutely everything for their human who they love and adore!   They will excel in whatever you ask of them once you establish the right relationship with fair rules, and provide the right training and activities, they become incredible in the right hands or extremely difficult when not handled properly.  This is because they are so highly intelligent, even young puppies learn everything super quickly.  And everything here means both, the good you teach them and the bad habits you accidentally create. These dogs have dignity, even at a tender age and if you are not being clear they will think you are unfair, they get frustrated and often will speak up for themselves.  At the same time, because they are so smart, if you are being too soft and accommodating, they will try to take advantage.  They want true leadership and a real partnership!  They have a sense of humor and they add a twist to everything they do.  They were bred for centuries to have a job and to work with their handlers, they need human interaction, companionship and affection, sometimes a bit too much.  They are convinced they are lapdogs for those they love 😊. They also need a lot of exercise, both physical and mental. Belgian Malinois are superior canine athletes, and they needs the exercise to live.  Running or throwing a ball or a frisbee will not turn them into tired couch buddies, it will build up their stamina and make them want to do it even more! Serious mental stimulation in addition to physical exercise is what they strive on.  And if you don't provide it, they will invent their own job, which most likely will be redecorating or rearranging or reconstructing your home and yard as well as protecting you from all the threats, often imaginable out of boredom.  Therefore, a Belgian Malinois owner must be prepared to provide special training.  Regular puppy training like all dogs need, such as manners and basic obedience as well as training a sport or fitness program on regular basis throughout the dog’s life.  Going to a dog park is not a solution, they are not that interested in chasing other dogs, they much prefer to be doing things with their humans.  They are versatile and will excel in whatever sport their human chooses to enjoy as long as it is on regular basis.


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Olga has been living and breathing everything Belgian Shepherd since 1996.  She has trained, bred, and competed with Belgians Sheepdogs in Obedience, Agility and Schutzhund, which is a specialized protection sport similar to police work involving the 3 phases of tracking, obedience and protection.  Olga’s own breed of choice is a Belgian Malinois, and her current competition dog D&C’s Bravo is a super talented working dog excelling in the work he was bred to do as well as bringing joy and laughter daily and being a spoiled most affectionate house dog as well.  Olga brought Bravo home 5 years ago when he was a 7 week old baby, and they became inseparable since.  They train in IGP, the hardest and most prestigious protection sport in the world, it is formerly known as IPO and Schutzhund. It is a triathlon of Tracking, Obedience and Protection, where the dog and handler team are judged on the precision as well as their relationship and happy attitude and a strong spirit.  Together, they have traveled the country to different workshops and events with top world trainers and many different competitions.  In 2022 Olga and Bravo made top 5 dog /handler IGP teams in our country and proudly represented USA at a World Championship in Czechia. Olga coaches aspiring IGP teams in the making in tracking and obedience, as well as working with professional decoys in protection at her IGP training group in Venice, FL.  It is a group for all breeds of working dogs. 
Olga is a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist and she teaches canine fitness and designs sport specific conditioning programs that go hand in hand with the obedience courses.
Olga also created a dog training supply company specializing in equipment and clothing for canine handlers. She always gives back to the community by sponsoring sport events, assisting with Belgian Shepherd rescue, educating Belgian Shepherd owners, and serving as a Secretary on the Executive Board of the American Working Malinois Association.
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We empower Malinois owners with the lifelong skills they need for continued success with their dog, giving you the insight and confidence you need to control your dog in stressful situations, break destructive habits, and encourage the behavior you wish your Belgian Malinois to continue doing and improve. This of course is only the beginning of building an empowering relationship based on leadership and cooperation.

We are a professional, owner-operated dog training company in Venice with a passion for all breeds of dogs. We offer Belgian Malinois training for puppies and older dogs and have years of proven successful experience. We helped  lots of clients in trouble with their destructive dogs with anxiety, aggression, reactivity to end up with happy endings. Belgian Malinois are not just our specialty, they are a piece of our soul and heart! 

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