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Supplements for IGP dogs during pre-trial and trial season

nutrition supplements Mar 02, 2020

I am often asked what I feed my dogs and what I do to keep my dog in such a great shape.  During pre-trial and trial season he glows and shows off his shiny coat and muscle definition. The truth is, a lot of it is genetics, and a lot is exercise along with raw diet 90 percent of the time and the appropriate supplements according to his needs which of course vary at different times.  He doesn't look this way all year around, we don't train the same and nor do I supplement the same during our "off" and "maintenance" periods. 

Supplements... Always a controversial topic, and rightfully so. Most professionals don't like to recommend particular brands, to avoid being blamed later because every dog may respond differently.  That is a smart move on their end, yet I decided to be brave enough to share what I have found to work for us over the last couple of years.  Please only take if for what this is - my opinion based on my quest for finding best...

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