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0 to 100 or how we went BH-IGP1-IGP2-IGP3 in under a year

competition Dec 12, 2019


Just a little over 2 years ago I brought my little Bravo home from Kentucky.  It was a long trip with 7 hours at the terminal, the flight, and a 4 hour drive through the night after... We never stopped the traveling and he simply doesn't know it any other way!


D&C’s Bravo IGP 3...98-86-95 today HIT alternate breed at the USRC IGP 2019 Nationals!

This dog!!! We went in just under a year through a BH, IGP 1, IGP2 and IGP3!!! And he is only 2 years old!!! Proudly walking in his dad Scooter’s footsteps.  

What a ride and what a journey!!! We are still on high cloud with so many friends and acquaintances from all over the world congratulating us on our great results and my hard work.  So many are asking how we did it.  I am thrilled with this beginning and I continue to work on getting better to keep up with my big guy and...

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