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Gain the extra edge for your IGP Performance

Unleash your dog's full potential and bring your team to the next level with IGP specific conditioning, nutrition and training in drive.  Add extra speed, explosive power, endurance and strength in  Obedience and Protection exercises. Develop precise and consistent Tracking behaviors.  

Build a powerful emotional connection. Take the guesswork out of your conditioning program. Learn how to reduce the risk of injuries and to make your partner's working career last longer. Create a strong body, mind and happy soul from puppy foundation to trial competition and maintain it for a lifetime

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The IGP Athlete Program


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IGP Sport Specific Conditioning and Safety

Gain the extra edge for your IGP performance.  Increase speed, explosive power, endurance and strength for the Blind Searches, Escapes and Long Bite entries, Drives, Recalls, Retrieves, Jumps and Send Outs. Develop precise and consistent Tracking behaviors. Understand your dog's structural strengths and weaknesses and create an IGP sport specific conditioning program for your partner.  Learn about safety and injury prevention.

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Online Coaching

Bring your training and conditioning to the next step with online coaching.  Together, we will analyze your current training and conditioning and access your dog's strengths and weaknesses.  Based on this, we will create a balanced program specifically for your dog or puppy. We will have 2 way communication and weekly touchpoints to log in progress and fine tune to get you closer to your IGP goals.

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Join our fun supportive Facebook  community of IGP Handlers of all levels and Owners of active working dogs and puppies of all breeds. Go ahead ask away and share your knowledge!  I believe we can all learn from each other and from out dogs...Weekly Tips, News and Hot Topics for IGP teams focused on strong mind, body and spirit.

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DogSports4u Training Equipment and Handler Gear

 Tracking, Obedience, Protection, Fitness and Supplements, Treadmills, Travel kennels and products, Puppy Development collection, Training Collars, Handler Clothing and Gear for active dogs and their handlers in all sports. Products are tested, selected, recommended  and tested by me and my IGP friends.

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