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Dog Training is not a luxury,

it's a way to a happier life for your best friend!

Let's start the journey with your dog to a relationship based on trust, respect and motivation...

Our approach builds a well-rounded foundation with a healthy mental, physical and emotional outlet for your dog's natural instincts...  This often solves and prevents many behavioral issues...

Combined with training and fitness, we will turn your dog into the best companion, a happy member of your family, protector or a sport competitor!

Here is how

Olga and Bravo AWMA Nationals 2021 Obedience


Olga and Bravo AWMA Nationals 2021 Protection

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Hi, I'm Olga Baram, and I've been obsessed with dog training for over 25 years. Join me and my partner Bravo for a training lesson or a virtual class and start off a journey with your best friend to your dog training goals.

More About Me

The greatest gift you can give your dog is to be a part of the family... 

  • Imagine your dog being reliable off leash...Even with other dogs or squirrels around

  • Going anywhere and everywhere with you

  • Coming every single time when called

  • Having manners at home when company comes...And when no-one is watching

  • Making you proud of your furry family member.

  • Staying healthy and fit for years to come

  • Sharing a bond and a joyful connection with you that gets stronger each day!

VIP Accelerated Boarding School

Intense immersion lifestyle programs in our home will give your dog a head-start to become a well-trained dog! 

This is a one-on-one 24/7 with the trainer's focus on your dog in our home and can be combined with programs.

Different programs to suit your family and your dog situation

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Similar to the Boarding school, this is a day school. It offers our trainer's personal focus on your dog every single day, along with enrichment outings and field trips.

Great options for your dog to brush up on his training skills and fine tune fitness. 

Works best for dogs with basic training or puppy programs

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Personal Coaching and Private Lessons

If you want to learn how to train your own dog, and are ready to invest some time into the process, this is for you! Best for puppies, obedience, fitness or sport training, without major behavior problems. Together with your dog, you will progress to your goals.

Lessons at our training place can be packaged with simple video reviews coaching

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Puppy Foundations

It's never too early to start off the right foot! We have programs for puppies starting at 10 weeks to lay the proper foundation, learn basic skills and interactions with the world while bonding with their humans. 


Early development skills are beneficial for all dogs and are a must for your sport prospect puppy!

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Canine Fitness

A canine fitness program keeps your dog healthy, and prevents many behavioral and physical issues. It builds confidence and provides fun physical and mental stimulation. We incorporate wellness into training with sound results for a longer and healthier life for your dog.

Virtual and in-person programs. Sport Specific Conditioning

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Dog Sports

IGP Obedience and Tracking 

Handler Help

Sport Specific Conditioning

Swimming and Dock Diving

Puppy Foundations

Available at our place, on-line or as a combo

Puppy raising  (8 weeks - 6 months) and board and train for IGP are occasionally available.  

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Dennis Kalick and Penny

"Penny is my first dog. Olga knew how to channel her energy and how to manage her protective instincts from day one, teaching me what to do took a little longer, but we had a lot of fun with our on site outings."

Crystal Gonzalez and Davis

"Olga showed Davis how to communicate and what to expect from the humans and he flourished into a confident pleasant companion... He is now well adjusted to his Manhattan life and is now the star of the neighborhood!"

Ashley Piers

"I’ve had such great experiences working with Olga, especially in conditioning! Working with Olga on a conditioning and nutrition program, we saw dramatic improvements in a very short time. "

Natalya Valerio and Jenna

"Our Jena had an abundance of energy and was always ready for an “adventure”.  That could mean anything from jumping on the dining room table to stealing a chocolate bar or taking a bite out of a door molding.  Something had to be done.  When we found Olga, we knew we came to the right place. "

Lisa Kramer and Nola

I brought my 6 month old rescue, Nola, to Olga at and it was life changing. I am a first-time dog mom and was extremely nervous. Olga not only took good care of my puppy, but did an incredible job teaching her essentials. I’m looking forward to bringing Nola back for boarding and additional fine tuning of Nola’s training. I cannot thank Olga enough!!"

Nicole Davies and Roxy

"After a 3 week VIP In-House training, Roxy came home a different dog! Not only I now have an obedient and well behaved dog, Roxy now wants to play and do things together.  She loves Olga and her fitness classes, and we are now learning more and more ways to interact and play together."

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