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Olga is a great trainer.

I was seen by her for training advice with my Belgian Malinois, Bear. She provided tangible and clear advice for situations that have occurred with my dog, and how to work on further training in the future.

She is very kind, and knows what she is talking about, especially with the Belgian Malinois breed. I would not hesitate to contact her regarding your training needs.

Joey Anderson - Venice, FL 

We are inseparable

Penny is my first dog and my first German Shepherd.  She is smart, beautiful and simply the best! 

As a teenager she got her obedience training but also had a couple of issues, probably because she is so spoiled and was pushing her boundaries. Olga knew how to channel her energy and how to channel her protective instincts from day one, teaching me what to do took a little longer, but we had a lot of fun with our on site outings. Penny is a special dog in my life and now that she is trained, she goes everywhere with me including my office and we are now inseparable!

Dennis Kalick and Penny

Manhasset, NY

From rescue to GQ

Olga showed Davis how to communicate and what to expect from the humans and he flourished into a confident pleasant companion who is well behaved yet full of himself and is true joy to have around! Davis is now well adjusted to his Manhattan life and his trips and outings...He is now the star of the neighborhood!

Crystal Gonzalez and Davis

New York, NY

Transformation through conditioning

I’ve had such great experiences working with Olga, especially in conditioning! I bred a litter of German Shepherds this past spring. One of the pups I purchased back from the buyer/owner, as his feet and pasterns were very flat. Working with Olga on a conditioning and nutrition program, we saw dramatic improvements in a very short time. She was very supportive through the process and very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend her...

Ashley Piers, NY


From Misfit to Miss Manners

As they say about Golden Retrievers, they are forever puppies who never grow up.  Our Jena had an abundance of energy and was always ready for an “adventure”.  That could mean anything from jumping on the dining room table to stealing a chocolate bar or taking a bite out of a door molding.  Something had to be done.  When we found Olga, we knew we came to the right place.  Not only did Jena bond with Olga instantaneously, she benefited tremendously from Olga’s consistent and steady approach.  In addition, socializing with other dogs at Olga’s taught Jena she was not the center of the universe and rules must be obeyed.  After a series of several week long stays with Olga, we could not be happier with the results.  She was still our happy loving Jena, only more mature and well behaved.

Natalya Valerio and Jena

Smithtown, NY


It was life changing! I cannot thank Olga enough!  

I brought my 6 month old rescue, Nola, to Olga at Dogsports4u Academy and it was life changing. I am a first-time dog mom and was extremely nervous. Olga not only took good care of my puppy, but did an incredible job teaching her essentials. Nola is very strong and stubborn. She now walks with me instead of dragging me. She was also trained to sit when I stop walking, to everyone’s amazement. Nola no longer barges into the house, but was taught to sit and wait. These are just some of the examples of the incredible work at Doggie Campus. Nola stayed at Dogsportrs4u Academy for 2 weeks. Olga kept me informed daily as to the progress, and sent videos and pictures. Even after the program, Olga has been available to answer any questions and provide support. I’m looking forward to bringing Nola back for boarding and additional fine tuning of Nola’s training. I cannot thank Olga enough!! I fully recommend Dogsports4u Academy to anyone who wants to get the most out of having a loving dog companion. 

Lisa Kramer

Long Beach, NY

We are now learning more and more ways to play together!

I am thrilled! This was the best investment for our family...

Roxy has been to an all positive trainer in the past and the only way she would pay attention to me was if I had a cookie and only if she felt like it.  And, to make things worse, her energy outbursts became more frequent and she even started grabbing my hands with her teeth when excited.

I have looked and researched many trainers this time and I am so glad I met Olga.  After a 3 week VIP In-House training, Roxy came home a different dog! Not only I now have an obedient and well behaved dog, Roxy now wants to play and do things together.  She loves Olga and her fitness classes, and we are now learning more and more ways to interact and play together.

Nicole Davies and Roxy

Huntington, NY

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