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Does your dog constantly bark at visitors or constantly begs at a dinner table? These are just two behaviors you can easily correct with training. Here are some of the most common complaints from dog parents and how to address them, from Dogsports4u Academy, your source for expert dog training in Nokomis, FL.

1. Barking at Visitors

Use a "sit-stay" command to prevent your dog from barking excessively when visitors come over. You can give the dog a treat for good behavior to reinforce your training efforts.

2. Jumping on Guests

Control the situation by having your dog sit on cue, only moving when prompted. Direct guests to ignore your pet until they sit quietly, waiting for the cue. Turn your back on the dog whenever they jump and walk away. Do not give a reward for incorrect behavior.

3. Excessive Licking

Excessive licking is a turn off if you're the unwilling subject. Use toys and treats to redirect your pup's attention appropriately.

4. Begging at a table

Even if you allow your dog occasional treats at dinner time, it's crucial to set boundaries. When is your dog allowed to get them and for what behaviors? Remain consistent and set up commands or signals your dog can easily recognize.

5. Pushing Through Doors

Like a runaway train, dogs rushing through doors can cause enormous damage in terms of possible injuries, getting hit by a car, or biting someone on the street.  Train your dog to stay put until you direct them to go through the doors. Wait commands are another important tool used to correct this behavior.

Gain control over these unwanted behaviors so you can focus on spending fun time with your dog. If you need assistance, consider professional dog training in Nokomis, FL. Dogsports4u Academy offers board and train camps, coaching and fitness classes that will benefit you and your dog.

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