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The IGP Athlete and Wellness Program


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FREE mini-workshop with Christina Hansel

Nutrition for IGP Athletes thru the eyes of nutritionist, breeder, trainer and world IGP competitor.

Feeding Schedules for Training and Trials...Puppy feeding rituals and habits... Hydration...Use of Supplements...and More!!!!

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IGP Obedience and Protection Seminar with National Champion and World Competitors Diamond Hansel and Christina Hansel

Don't miss this power team of World level competitors and trainers finally coming to New York!!!!!


As an IGP competitor Diamond Hansel has competed in multiple World Championships and is a National Champion. He has been the training helper/coach for numerous dogs that have competed at the AWMA Nationals, AWDF Nationals, USCA Nationals, GSDCA Nationals, DVG Nationals, WDC, MEOESZ-OVSN Nationals (Hungary), GSSCC Nationals (Canada), DVG BSP (Germany), FCI World Championships and FMBB World World Championships. He has also been the primary training helper for dogs starting from 8 weeks old through competing at World Championships.

Diamond’s unique relationship based and training each behavior with the correct emotion approach brings every dog to their highest potential. His coaching style is informative, concise, and simple to understand.

Individual Results
- 2019 FMBB World Championship Competitor
- 2018 AWMA National Championship 1st Place 97-99-98-294 (largest AWMA in history)
* High Obedience
* High Handler Owner Trained
- 2018 FMBB World Cup 9th Place
* 2nd highest obedience
- 2018 FMBB World Championship 19th Place
* 2nd highest obedience
​- 2017 FCI World Championship 26th Place
​* 280 points with the second youngest dog
​- 2017 AWMA National Championship High Obedience
​- 2017 AWDF National Championship 4th Place
* High Obedience
​- 2017 South East Regional 2nd Place
* High Protection
Limited to 10 Working spots

How IGP Conditioning reduces injuries and improves performance

This FREE ONLINE  Mini-workshop is specifically created for IGP dogs and their handlers. If you are an IGP competitor or trainer, or even if you are just starting out, then you don't want to miss it!

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Monthly IGP Protection Weekends with National level helper

Marcus Hampton

Long Island, NY


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