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Bradenton, Fl Dog Training 

To ensure that your dog or puppy reaches its maximum potential, we provide  personalized full-service dog training in Bradenton, FL, behavior modification, and board and train camps at our resort site located less than an hour away.

Consider enrolling in our puppy camps. These camps are intended for young dogs and cover basic obedience and socialization, house manners and house breaking. For more advanced dog training in Bradenton, FL, our obedience camps for dogs 5 months and older teach more complex commands. Additionally, our behavior solutions training provides a personalized approach to meet the needs of anxious, shy fearful or aggressive dogs. Our dog training services include house Manners, obedience, behavior modification, Canine Fitness, and dog Sports.

Dogsports4u Academy Programs

Our programs include:
-Puppy Camps
-Obedience camps
- Behavior modification camps to help with anxiety, reactivity or aggression
- Competitive Obedience 
- Tracking

  • IGP
  • Fitness Foundations
  • Virtual Training and Courses
  • Workshops and Seminars

IGP is an International triathlon competition for working dogs involving tracking, obedience and protection training. It allows dog owners to continually develop theirs and their dog’s  skills through training and developing a special connection and partnership. This sport is popular among professional trainers and pet dog owners alike It evaluates the handler's training proficiency and the dog's performance abilities.

Why Choose Us

You will meet Olga, our head of professional trainers. Olga Baram is a certified canine athlete specialist, knowledgeable about aggression, natural drives, and impulse control. Choosing us means you'll get to work with a trainer who has taken her dog from the puppy stage to the top of the competition in IGP, one of the most challenging dog sports. 

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