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How to make high drive dogs performance safer during the hot months

 By Olga Baram, Certified Canine Athlete Specialist

The focus of this article is mostly on how to achieve best performance in IGP in the hot months ahead while keeping our dogs as comfortable as possible and safe from overheating. And by the way, not just in the summer.  Our high drive dogs with big hearts often give it all and don't pace themselves, especially in protection, and it is possible for their bodies to overheat even in winter months as well...

I feel strongly about injury prevention and safety for our dogs, so I will briefly list the basics here as well, since refreshing never hurts, yet let's hope we all already know not to leave our dogs in the cars in the sun with the windows rolled up or the AC running with cars out of sight.  It is heartbreaking how many k9's are lost every year because of engine failures and the handlers realizing it when it's too late....  Dogs overheating can lead to a stroke, permanent damage and even...

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