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Dogsports4u Academy's owner Olga Baram competes at AWMA Nationals in Florida

competition igp schutzhund Dec 11, 2022

Olga and her Belgian Malinois Bravo are back home from competing at 2022 AWMA Nationals.  Olga raised Bravo from 7 weeks old and they have been literally inseparable for the past 5 years.  They have traveled the world to train with top dog training in the world and in 2022 represented USA as top 5 dog/handler teams at the FCI/IGP World Championship in Czechia...

IGP/Schutzhund is the Olympics of dog sports. It is the triathlon of 3 phases.  First phase is Tracking (where the dog is judged on how accurately he can find the footsteps of a stranger while finding and alerting the handler the tiny dropped articles while showing enthusiasm focus and precision.  

Second phase is Obedience demonstrating strong powerful synchronized focused heeling with Sit/Down/Stand out of walking and running, lightning speed recalls.  There is a retrieve of a 4.5 lb dumbbell and then a retrieve of a 1+lb dumbbell over a 1meter hurdle and a scaling wall.  An impressive complex exercise of sending a dog away across the entire football field and downing at the end on the judges signal.  Plus of course a 10 minute long down with handler out of sight while a strange dog and handler team are performing their routine.  The team is scored on high accuracy, precision, speed, and most importantly overall emotions, and attitude of the dog and his connection with the handler.

Third phase is Protection showcasing the poor and true character of the dog who has to demonstrate a search for the helper, strong guarding, apprehension, fight and calm powerful bites and releases while at all times within complete control of the handler.  There is a lot of excitement and adrenaline balanced with super obedience during the protection routine.

In daily life, Bravo is a sweet loving super affectionate boy who enjoys doing anything and everything Olga does throughout the day.  They love hiking, swimming, going out for outdoor dinners, camping and snuggling on the couch, just like you and your dog do!

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