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What Dog And Puppy Equipment Do You Need To For dog training

what dog and puppy equipment do you need to for dog training Oct 04, 2022

Everyone enjoys being around a well-trained dog. Training dogs and puppies is a process tailored to each dog’s unique temperament. Whether you choose to do it yourself, take dog training lessons from a professional trainer, or send your dog to a board and train school, you will need some basic tools. Dog training equipment should make the training process easier for both the trainer and the dog. Here is a list of dog and puppy training equipment every dog owner should have. 

A dog collar and leash

All dog owners have a dog collar and a standard 6-foot leash. Some collars are customized to the pet with a name and address. In some states, walking a pet without a leash in certain places is illegal, which is why it is essential to get dogs leash trained.

A dog trainer should train dogs and puppies to walk with a collar around their neck and a leash attached to it. The collar should be simple and fit comfortably on the dog. Avoid getting a retractable leash as it is ineffective and often dangerous. It sure has its uses in professional obedience and specialized sport training but not in the amateur hands.  Stay away from harnesses, they teach your dog to pull, and the so called anti pull harnesses only work by restricting your dogs movement which is harmful to puppy development and dangerous to adult dogs with long term use. 

A reward system

Positive reinforcement is just as important and even more necessary than negative reinforcement when training dogs and especially puppies. A primary motivator keeps the dog's attention and rewards good behaviour. Most trainers use treats and toys for this purpose. A bag of treats your dog enjoys will do the trick for basics.

A sturdy pair of shoes and a good coat 

Dog trainers spend a lot of time on their feet which can be uncomfortable if you wear the wrong shoes. Get yourself a comfortable pair of shoes to run and stand in for hours. And make sure they are waterproof, the grass is often wet in mornings and evenings and you will be out in all kinds of weather! Dog training costs and jackets are water resistant windproof and equipped with tons of pockets to hold all and keep dry!

A long line

A long leash or line is essential for training dogs on their off-leash manners and recall skills. This tool is perfect for testing a partially trained dog's behaviour outdoors.

A dog treat bag

You'll need a pouch, or a belt with compartments preferably one you can attach to your waist for carrying treats when training outdoors.  Dog training vests hold many different items such as treats, toys, leashes, protect your valuables and some have many other cool tools as well. 

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