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Pulling on the leash

Aug 19, 2022

One of the biggest challenges many dog owners face is constant leash pulling on walks, making it difficult for you and the dog.  Constant pulling causes choking, and then some dogs are also aggressively barking at other dogs and even people, making it embarrassing and even dangerous.

Pulling on the Leash is the most common complaint by dog owners without proper training

Are you walking your dog, or is your dog walking you pulling in whatever direction he chooses with the speed he decides on? What’s worse yet is he may be pulling you into other dogs, and even if he is friendly, the other dog may not be.  Is he aggressively barking and lunging and everyone passing by? Are your neighbors walking away or crossing the street as soon as they see you? Are you dreading these walks or getting really frustrated and angry with your dog?

Unfortunately such walks develop even more behavioral problems.  Leash Pulling can also be a sign of underlying anxiety or fear. It can also be related to boredom, frustration, or discomfort in certain situations. And the major issue with it is the longer you let it continue, the more problems you and your dog will be facing. 

Do You Need Professional Dog Training For Your Leash Pulling Dog?

Answer is YES, and you need it FAST!  No fancy no pull leaders, harnesses or even collars will fix it, no matter what they promise.  The proper way to change it is for your dog to understand exactly what you are asking him to do, what the rules of this game are and how much fun this game can be when taught correctly…

Not only will it give you a piece of mind and a sense of control on your walks, it will make it enjoyable again so you and your best friend can exercise more and spend more time together without getting frustrated.  In addition, there is such an important dynamic of rules, impulse control, confidence, clear leadership, stability and joy all transforming thru the leash when trained properly!  Not only it is important for the walks, it often makes many underlying behavioral issues diminish as well If you need to train your dog, look no farther than Sarasota Dog Trainers, DogSports4u Academy.  We have a wholesome training program focusing on fun, respect, and motivation.

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