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IGP Warm-up for beginner dogs

igp specific conditioning igp warm-up Jul 21, 2019

Do you know what minimizes the risk of injuries and improves your dog's performance on the field?  Just like the human athletes, they need a proper warm-up.  It increases their heart rate and warms up the muscles. And, when it's sport specific, it actually warms up "the right muscles" , those same ones that will be used most during your training session or the trial routine!  

Way too often, I watch handlers hang on the sidelines, wait for their turn, go to the car to get the dog ready and... They put on the gear, and take it for a walk to the nearest tree!!!  Can you even imagine a serious athlete not warming up or stretching?  All you need is 5-10 minutes TOTAL, including putting on the gear and  a bathroom break, to prepare your dog properly, and to get him engaged and happy to work with you.  I keep my warm-ups fun so focus and excitement become a natural part of the game😊!

I want to share this short video I made this winter, teaching my young Bravo the IGP warm-up routines.  This is a brief introduction and there are many other exercises he has learned since then.  We cover a lot more in detail in our  IGP Athlete program.  This video is a snip from a lesson in the first module of the course. The course covers safety, warm-ups, cool downs, and lessons whereas you will build up your dog's speed and power for IGP while learning how to reduce the risk of injuries.  This is a whole wellness program, with the benefits of nutrition, and recovery and massage.

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