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Boarding School Training Camps


 Our Training Camps welcome dogs of all breeds and sizes and are best suitable for dogs over 6 months of age.  For younger puppies, please see our Puppy Jump Start Program

AKC Canine Good Citizen certification program is available to all students upon completion of any of our training programs



Your dog will learn rules, structure and obedience to become the best member of your pack he can be. We run a home based business, which means your dog will be in a comfortable air-conditioned spacious kennel room at night with plenty of room to run on our securely fenced 4 acre property. We never have more than 3-5 dogs here at a time to make sure everyone gets plenty of attention and personal time with Olga. We train your dog in real-world environment, offering multiple training and interaction sessions per day, as well as exercise, and playtime. These private one-on-one sessions will accelerate the process so that once you dog already understands it, we can focus on teaching you how to take over and make it work. Then we show you how to communicate and interact together. This is the base for solid training that lasts a lifetime when followed up properly. The length of the program is usually 2-4 weeks and will be determined when we evaluate your dog.  We will be sending weekly video and picture updates to you so you can see your dog's progress and get private instructions to learn how to use the commands with your dog, to understand the training that has been done and the system in which your dog has been taught. This will help you to be better prepared for our follow-up lessons. This is the most efficient program with best results for Obedience and Behavior Issues Rehab. We offer life time support!

You dog will:

  • walk politely on leash
  • politely greet people
  • come when called
  • know how to sit 
  • know how to down
  • go to his place and stay there
  • know how to stay
  • not storm through the doors
  • have impulse control
  • understand No or Stop it
  • be able to understand how you communicate with him/her so you your relationship can flourish while you continue teaching him more over the years


This is 3-4 weeks or can also be completed during a tune-up for our past students while you are on vacation. It includes off leash obedience with distractions in real life situations, such as parks, beaches, shopping centers, etc as well as fitness foundations. 

We will address minor behavioral issues or problems during this time as well if there are any.  


For dogs displaying aggression, anxiety or fear,  You don't have to feel alone, confused or misunderstood thinking this is your last resort.  We have all been there with "a problem dog" in our lives! There are solutions and we will work on this together, first Olga and your dog at the Rehab, then Olga, you and your dog with follow-ups. A minimum length of a rehab program is 4-6 weeks.


Available to our past and existing students and is a good way for your dog to have fun with us while you are on vacation so we can brush up on what you might have left off.

Your dog is worth it, your peace of mind depends on it... 

Our Boarding Training Camp prices depend on your dog's and yours situation and will be based on a program you will choose that is most suitable for you...

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