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Puppy Head Start

 We certainly encourage you to get involved in your new puppy’s training as early as possible. This avoids creating any bad habits from the start.  This program is an investment for your future.

We start as early as 10 weeks.  Early imprinting lays solid foundation for later obedience training.  Our puppy camp includes socialization (yes even with the stay at home there are ways to prepare your puppy for his future by simulating many things he/she will have to face in real life) the puppies daily outings to different places for socialization as well as age appropriate puppy fitness foundation for confidence building.  

We offer a variety of programs for your puppy, and you can pick from Lessons Package, The Play and Train DayCare, or the Board and Train Puppy Jump Start Camp.  These programs work for puppies of all breeds with all future dreams, a family companion, a future champion, or a hard working dog or sport athlete.

The Play and Train puppy program will ensure you are bonding with your puppy while you are both learning how to communicate and avoid mistakes and problems.

Sport puppies will get the necessary foundations for the disciplines in a sport of your choice with age appropriate introduction to foundation for the sport specific conditioning.

The lesson package can be a combination of in person, and a puppy group as well as online.

Also available as Board and Train 

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