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Our Exclusive VIP in house boarding camps accelerate the learning and provide the best results

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No matter which one of our boarding camps your dog will be attending, your best friend will spend the time here as part of our Dogsports4u Academy family!

Our camps provide exceptional reliable results and make it easy for your dog and super convenient for you. 

Dog training takes a lot of skill, time and patience.  Busy families and professionals don’t always have the time, patience, or the experience to train their own dog well.  Even if you had dogs your whole life, you probably learned how to train 3 or 4 dogs, and the dog you have now is different! An experienced professional trainer has trained hundreds, or even thousands of dogs. Just like with everything in life, a true professional will always provide the best results...

 Our world class training facility is combined with Olga's unparalleled knowledge,  talent and experienced learned in top competitions. Her unique fair leadership motivational dog training approach and human coaching is what makes Dogsports4u Academy the best choice when you want your dog trained the right way, the first time! 

Quality dog training is an investment into years of your life together. You will be happy and proud to share everyday life's moments with your family member. A well mannered trained dog  is a joy to have around in all your adventures for years to come! Your dog is worth it, your peace of mind depends on it...

High quality is not always the most expensive, our prices are compatible while our results are superior!

Your pup will be getting multiple training and interaction sessions per day, as well as exercise, and playtime. These private one-on-one sessions will accelerate the process so that once you dog already understands it, we can focus on teaching you how to take over and make it work. Then we show you how to communicate and interact together and fully understand each other.  This is how a special connection develops and grows strong while practicing obedience skills and games. This is the base for solid training that lasts a lifetime.  

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Olga's 27 years of knowledge and experience in competitive sport and canine fitness training brings the most innovative methods in dog training industry along with the whole dog wellness approach.
When you combine talent, knowledge and passion, the outcome is outstanding, and Olga is passionate about dog training. Not only she has her own 2 dogs, she competes with one of them on the world level in the toughest canine sport called IGP!
Learn more about Olga and watch her and Bravo compete

What sets us apart from others

  • Training is always done or supervised by Olga personally¬†¬†

  • We are a home based business not a commercial facility

  • Competitive pricing

  • We guarantee results and don't charge extra for additional time needed for specific programs unless you decide to extend to enroll into additional packages¬†
  • Small group of students¬†
  • ¬†Structured play, exercise and enrichment customized to your pup's needs
  • ¬†Relaxation games and techniques to help your dog be calm and rest
  • New friends, new experiences, more confidence
  • Brand new secure, safe¬† sparkling clean and cozy individual rooms/kennels with comfortable beds on inside and plenty of room to stretch out on the outside
  • Daily walks, and multiple exercise sessions in a fenced grassy play area, means your dog doesn't have to potty in the outdoor kennel
  • Treadmill and fitness equipment introduction and fitness for a jump start into a healthy life for years ahead
  • We use a wholesome wellness approach incorporating fitness into the routine thus giving a dog an energy outlet and helping to learn how to focus
  • ¬†We will feed any diet your dog is accustomed to at home, just bring the food, and/or administer medications and supplements
  • Frequent updates with videos¬†
  • A mini video course for you to have at home and go back to at anytime
  • Optional AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification available to all students
  • Our students become a part of our Dogsports4u family and get lifetime support with wellness, fitness, nutrition, maintenance and¬† behavioral expert advice included with all our programs in addition to follow-up lessons
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Our Most Popular Programs 

Good Dog Day School

If you just can't part with your buddy at night and want to learn together without making costly mistakes and getting frustrated, this program is for you!

2 week program with 4 days day camp first week with quick tips and a mini private lesson and homework over the weekend. 4 days and a full lesson at the end of the 2nd week.

This is a great program because it lets us teach your dog right and avoids while showing you the way how to handle your do from the start!

We will start with reliable obedience (Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Place, Come, Off, Out) and will teach good manners behaviors, while integrating wellness and fitness including treadmill sessions. We use a wholesome approach for you and your dog to develop healthy physical and mental habits for life, and to eliminate unwanted behaviors, such as barking, separation anxiety, jumping on people, choosing when to listen, barking and launching at other dogs on walks and more!

$3250 for 3 weeks with Reliable OFF LEASH recalls 

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Good Dog Transformation

Intensive 2 weeks immersion program for dogs who know what some basic commands mean but have selective hearing or only listen with a cookie. 

Your dog's stay will be integrated with daily structured exercise, play walks, important reliable obedience commands and manners training, with an  introduction to off leash exercises, impulse control,  greeting people politely, an OFF command to get off furniture, learning Place and how to behave at restaurants, knowing how to heel on leash, come when called under distractions off leash, learning how to relax and use a time out, learning to stay quiet, and like the crate, manage separation anxiety, stressful whining, barking, sniffing, digging, leash reactivity and aggressive barking and launching at other dogs or people.  

We will work on building confidence through games, trust, clarity and consistency.  

A basic fitness foundation  introduction is included. Includes a detailed going home lesson and a lifetime support 


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Honor Roll

Off leash Adventures

This is our elite program available to approved students and provides the best value!

4 weeks reliable off leash obedience in real life situations, includes enrichment field trips and day outings to the parks, beach, restaurants. Once your dog learns manners and obedience of the Good Dog Transformation, we will go on car rides to practice in outside real world settings so that you can enjoy sharing your everyday life together!

Behavior problems and issues such as barking, home management, impulse control, separation anxiety, leash reactivity towards other dogs and people will be managed. 

In addition, a fitness program and treadmill training is incorporated as well.

This is not for severely fearful anxious or human aggressive dogs with bite history

Includes a 2 week mid-session lesson with you, lifetime support and AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification 


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        Additional Camp Programs

Obedience Boost

Mini Retreat

7 days(10 where necessary) to boost a couple of vital commands you are struggling with and to get your training program off the right foot 

Sometimes all you need is a little professional help for a boost in your training,  to get you right on track.  Your dog will be immersed into our structured exercise, treadmill introduction, play and daily management program to teach good dog behaviors. Your dog will learn how we communicate and how to follow the rules to get the rewards while working on learning the behaviors and polishing off 1-2 commands.  

Great way to teach off leash recalls, crate train, barking, focus, or other things you need extra help with.  

This can also work wonders as a jump start if you plan on continuing with day school,  taking lessons, or even by itself for extra help, you wont believe the transformation because we will teach you an your dog how to understand each other and move the relationship forward!



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Behavior Modification

for fearful/aggressive dogs with bite history or severe anxiety

This is often the last chance where all else failed, if you don't want to give up, we will walk the path with you to rehabilitate.

Anxiety, aggression, stressful reactions and other behavioral issues are addressed in this 5 - 6 weeks long program, where nothing else has worked we can help and stabilize the dog to his or her best potential and ability and will teach you how to manage your dog moving forward.

This takes highly skilled professional training, often with more than one trainer involved working with the dog at the same time to mitigate potential bite risk injuries, and takes a longer period of time to earn the dog's trust so that he or she can learn manners and obedience while working on coping with behavioral issues.

We understand how traumatic it is to be bit by your dog, or to be worried about the safety of others around... We will try our hardest to step in and help you as soon as possible by making emergency room in the camp schedule.

$5800 - $7200 Price to be determined based on the issues of each dog

Contact Olga for availability

Maintenance Tune-Ups or Additional Training

Your dog is trained and you are committed to keeping up the work we've done.  Then life happens and some things fall through the cracks... One of the benefits for being a part of our DogSports4u family for life is maintenance for a super discounted price. Protect your investment and all the hard work!

Take advantage of the quarterly weekend tune-ups where you can drop off your pup with us Friday and pick up on Sunday for a quick refresher and enjoy your dog free weekend off, or schedule a bi-annual week maintenance-tune up while you are on vacation and relax knowing your dog is having fun in a familiar place with friends and will come home refreshed and well behaved!

We also offer boarding exclusively to our students with lots of play, attention, exercise and treadmill.

You can choose to advance your dog's training and add our off leash honor roll program or a fitness program or both.

$170 with overnight boarding 

$500 - quarterly weekend      $1100 - bi-annual 6 days

$2800 - 2 weeks of additional training for Honor Roll off leash adventures and fitness

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All graduates from our programs are eligible to become AKC certified Canine Good Citizens

Our Training Camp Programs welcome dogs of all breeds sizes and ages.

Choose a Puppy Camp program for puppies from 8 weeks to 5 months of age.

Our camps get booked about 4-6 weeks in advance, we require a $500 deposit to guarantee your spot, we try to stay flexible to accommodate and can adjust the specific dates up to a week prior to check in. Because of this, sometimes we get last minute openings and may be able to take your dog sooner.  Olga will contact you to find the best availability

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