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How Coaching Can Work for YOU


Imprint Your Sport Puppy Foundation with fitness and obedience skills 
Improve Your Handling Skills
Build a Stronger Relationship 
Get Help with Tracking and Obedience
Learn Safety and Injury Prevention 
Develop a Sport Specific Conditioning Program
Monitor and Upgrade Your Program as Needed
Increase Your Dog's Speed, Intensity and Power
Enhance IGP Performance and Overall Well-being on the Field and at Home 
  • Olga is a passionate IGP trainer and competitor herself. She is also a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist (CCAS), which today is the only fitness program with focus on working dogs.
  • Olga will help you stimulate, build and fulfill your partner's strong mind, body and spirit. You will get a healthier and happier dog for years to come. This will let you keep your sanity and give you confidence about his well- being and safety, so you can really enjoy each other and your training.  This will shine through in your team performance and your relationship!

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