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- Is your dog completely out of control on the walks, pulling you on leash all over the place?

- Always sniffing, or looking for something to swallow?

- Jumping on people?

- Barking and growling at everyone passing by?

- Aggressive to other dogs?

- Anxious and nervous or distractive when left alone at home?

- Seems to get the zoomies always at the wrong time and no matter how long your walks are?

- Running away when called?  

- Are you embarassed to have company over? 

- Are you avoiding taking your dog places with you? 

- Does your new puppy need extra help learning housebreaking?

- Is your relationship starting to feel like a frustrating burden at times?

You are not alone, you love your pup and he loves you, but just like hundreds of other dog parents, you need the right help and guidance!


Our Training Camps in Venice, FL

Olga is fantastic!

It has been a long time since we had a puppy in our home. They are adorable but they have so much energy and puppy behaviors that can be very disruptive to your quiet lifestyle. He made our older dogs look like angels! Sam stayed with Olga for two weeks for training. Who would know that the deadliest hurricane to hit Florida in 100 years would occur just days into his training! Olga made plans to evacuate and protected our puppy as if it were her own, training him while they were on the road. I was amazed at how much Sam learned at just 4 months old and look forward to him returning for future training. Olga sent pictures and videos of his progress on a daily basis. They are a great resource for me to reinforce special commands. When Sam hears her voice, he gets so excited and tries to jump on my computer to get to her. I was so excited to have someone with Olga’s extensive dog training experience and professionalism and would highly recommend her!

Jack and Kathy Byron
Sun City Center, Fl

Dogsports4u Academy is the best!

For the past 30 years my dogs all have been trained by Olga.
An amazing, kind , highly professional who became friend and a rescue for “ mischief friends”.
Newfoundland Iris( who I brought from former Soviet Union in the 1990's) lived for 15 years, Olga was a beginner trainer spent significant time teaching Iris water rescue, successfully.
Second dog was a beautiful Rottweiler Benzi. Gorgeous puppy with typical behavioural problems.Olga's patience and kindness resolved and thought my dog and my family how to live in harmony and enjoy each other’s company.
Olga even helped train my dog to be featured in Vogue magazine and become a star in telephone commercials!!!!
Benzi earned her “ stay”!!!
Highly recommend! Reach out to “ dog magician “ with kindness heart to train your best friend!!!

Margarita Lis


She is a trainer we would highly recommend!

We found Olga through an internet search and have been pleased with our choice. Olga is very personable, professional, and very knowledgeable about training dogs and humans alike. She takes the time to make sure we try to stay consistent with our training for our dog and if there is a need for extra attention, she is there to help. She is a trainer We would highly recommend!

Jack Webster

Rotonda, FL

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Why Choose Us

You are reading this because you decided to hire a professional dog trainer.  In today's world, there is so much information and free advice, yet there are no education or licensing requirements for dog trainers.  A professional dog trainer is simply anyone who charges a fee for training someone else's dog, so you have to do your research...

Olga Baram has the knowledge, decades of experience, lots and lots of success stories. And proven RESULTS in stadiums, at home and in everyday life!  All because of love of dogs and training...

Olga doesn't just train dogs for a living, she lives and breathes dogs her whole life.  She competes on the World Level with her Belgian Malinois Bravo, who she raised from 7 weeks, in a very demanding and complex sport called IGP.  There is no food, no clicker, no toys, no training collars and no leashes in the stadium.  Their beautiful coordinated performance is based on trust, respect, joy and love...

More about Olga

The greatest gift you can give your dog is to be a part of the family...

  • Imagine your dog being reliable off leash...Even with other dogs or squirrels around
  • Going anywhere and everywhere with you
  • Coming every single time when called
  • Having manners at home when company comes...And when no-one is watching
  • Making you proud of your furry family member.
  • Staying healthy and fit for years to come
  • Sharing a bond and a joyful connection with you that gets stronger each day!
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Olga is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

We offer Canine Good Citizen (CGC) tests to our students upon completion of our training programs

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With over 25 years of dog training experience in NY, we have moved to Sarasota County, FL.  Finally Olga's 20+ year dream dog training facility is coming together!

Our Venice home and property is a spa-resort for dogs on almost 4 secure acres with climate-controlled indoor spacious runs, a shady park-like play area to exercise, a training field, an indoor gym with treadmill and strength and balance exercise equipment, and a pool coming soon!

Now in Venice, FL! 

Watch our dogs doing what they love

VIP In-House Accelerated Training

This is our most popular program which provides the most results in the least amount of time and also sets the strong foundation for your dog's life. Your dog will be immersed into daily learning of obedience and everyday skills and manners one on one while staying with Olga. This intimate interaction provides 24/7 training. There are daily play sessions, and fitness sessions are available

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Training Lessons Packages

If you would like to learn how to train your own dog and have the time and dedication, this is for you! We will get together and evaluate your dog and your goals as well as knowledge and abilities, then we will create a training plan for both, you and your dog! The Private lessons with homework can be done in person, or online, or as combination of both for obedience or fitness

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Puppy Headstart

They are precious little fur bundles of work! Lots and lots of work! We certainly encourage you to get involved in your new puppy’s training as early as possible. This avoids creating any bad habits from the start.  This program is an investment for your future.

We start as early as 8 weeks and have 3 different puppy programs for you to choose from

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Sport Training

You don't have to aim for National Championships to get your dog involved in Dog sports.  There are so many sports on different levels that any dog can participate in! it develops a truly special bond and a relationship and gives the dog a purpose.  It will make your dog want to interact with you for fun and never find you boring! And it may become your new hobby or obsession :)...

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Fitness and Sport Specific Conditioning

Wellness promotes a healthy body and mind!Think of this program as your dog's personal trainer in the gym PLUS it will build confidence, help overcome fears, make your dog a more relaxed happier and healthier pet for longer.  It also teaches them how to avoid injuries when chasing the ball or romping in the yard, working hard on the job or competing at the highest level . 

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Play and Train Day School

If you just can't let your dog go to a trainer for weeks, and want him home at night and on the weekends, this is for you! This is the VIP one-on-one accelerated training without overnights! It works the same way as the VIP boarding school, but you will bring your dog here during the week for the full immersion training. Then once a week we will be teaching you how to work on what your dog learned during the week.

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Let us help you with your dog!

Fill out this form to schedule a temperament test and a training consultation to start the journey to the fun and joyous relationship with your best friend

1. We use MOTIVATION by tapping into your dog's natural drives. After all, this is how most learning and hunger for more human interaction happens.  And this is how a fun and loving relationship  develops between you and your dog!
2. We will teach you how to use clear and consistent COMMUNICATION with your dog to stop the unwanted behaviors and set boundaries.  You and your dog will speak the same language and get on the same page!
3. ACCOUNTABILITY will produce consistent and reliable results for years and will transfer over from training commands to the overall manners and attitude of your dog. We will show you how  to hold your dog accountable without causing conflict in the relationship with you being clear, fair and consistent in your dog's mind.
4. We promote WELLNESS from within thru nutrition, fitness and training. Over the years we learned that lots of behavioral problems often disappear with proper exercise and maintenance.  A tired dog is a calm dog, and we will show you how to incorporate canine fitness into your busy life with just 15 minutes of simple and fun games at home.

We offer different programs, to accommodate the needs of your dog and your family and living situation. During the consultation, we will discuss the details and the options for the best results for you and your four legged family members involved.

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Behavior Problems Solving + Obedience Training + Puppy Foundations + Socialization and Confidence Building + Fitness +Wellness +Sport Training


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Watch the work in progress real lessons

These are not demonstrations of the final results, these are Clips of our students DURING learning. These are done on Day 3, Day 7, Day 10 and Day 16. They have different faces and we worked on different issues, but one thing is always in common - THEY ALL HAVE CLARITY AND THEY ARE HAVING FUN. Watch out for all the wagging tails😊!


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