The IGP Athlete Program

IGP Specific Conditioning, Nutrition and Injury Prevention

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IGP is fun, addictive, empowering and tough! 

Our IGP dogs today are expected to be strong athletes who execute complex exercises, switching drives and their mental states in seconds, while displaying free and open emotions. 


  • Worried about your IGP partner getting injured on the field, concerned about doing too much too soon or not enough and causing more harm than good
  • Not sure how to maintain your partner's physical health and condition as he or she ages
  • Feeling stuck in a rut with your dog's current fitness regimen or unsure about the steps to bring your dog safely to his top mental and physical condition?
  • Not getting enough engagement from your dog or having a hard time handling his high drives in every day life off the field?
  • Loosing motivation for the sport?



Develop the confidence, skills, knowledge and mindset needed to succeed in IGP

Learn how to spot the earliest signs of injuries

Address small issues before they grow into bigger problems


  • Feeling empowered by your dog doing his best and excelling in trials
  • Knowing your partner's IGP specific fitness and nutrition needs
  • Enjoying a stronger bond and a better relationship on the field and at home thru fun fitness and focus
  • Having a peace of mind about extending your dog's IGP career
  • Being confident about minimizing injuries at training and trialing
  • Avoiding expensive vet bills
  • Staying motivated by having a plan how to improve jumping, bite entries and tracking focus and stamina by improving your dog's health
  • Having a motivating and reliable support system

What is IGP specific conditioning and why it is important


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One of a kind! IGP Specific conditioning, nutrition and well-being program for IGP Athletes all over the world!!! Currently, we are the only canine fitness program in the world focused specifically on IGP.


We want to help you get your dog in  top condition for the upcoming trial season, extend your partner's IGP career, avoid accidents, minimize the risk of injuries, and become a better companion.  

Our program is laid out in a simple easy to use format. We provide reliable personal support.  All this for much less than the cost of treating injuries and rehabilitation!!! 

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Learn more about IGP specific conditioning, safety, nutrition and mental balance

The IGP Athlete Personal Coach

Evaluate your dog's current exercise and fitness and start building a balanced conditioning program to turn him into an IGP Athlete...


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VIP Nutrition Boost

Give your canine fitness program an extra boost with a customized nutrition program!

Learn to implement the supplements and nutrition to enhance the sport specific conditioning.


- TWO one-on-one consultations with Christina Hansel, a nutritionist and an IGP World competitor.

- Personalized nutrition and supplements program based on your dog's current fitness needs.

- Support and personal guidance on your dog's nutrition

- FREE BONUS: Post Work out and recovery K9 Power supplement kit

- FREE BONUS: Learn the Basics of Canine Massage

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